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iPhone Apps Bug

"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height." – Casey Stengel The iphone apps bug crashes your iphone following which none of you apps work and all your media, music, and videos vanish.  I had heard about this … Continue reading

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Newsflash McCain orders convention curtailed for Gustav – The Ghost of Katrina

I find it completely fitting and apropos that the Republican National Convention is being delayed by a Hurricane. The ghost of hurricane Katrina? Almost as if in retaliation for the seemingly laissez faire attitude in the handling of Hurricane Katrina … Continue reading

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Anaheim High School Class of 1978 30 year reunion

View photos of Anaheim High School Class of 1978 30 Year Class Reunion at:  Anaheim High Class of 1978 30 year Reunion Photos Enjoy all.  You can download, upload your own, view in carousel, slideshow etc. -Edgar

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