The Right Questions

“Seek not to know all, but to ask the  right questions," was the wisdom imparted to David Carradine’s character Qui Chang Caine in the popular made in Hollywood 1970’s TV series “Kung Fu” originally created by Bruce Lee himself.   Buddhist and Zen masters  reasoned out that asking the right question lead to more practical results in the pursuit of truth and enlightenment  and scientists and philosophers have espoused the virtues of the same in their work for millenia.

So here are couple of good questions I have run across recently:  From the Wall Street Journal: Dolphins is seems have the second largest brain in proportion to body mass of all animals with man occupying the first and dominant position in that hierarchy.  The question: Why do dolphins have such large brains and what are they doing out there or under the water the requires such a large brain?  Okay that’s two questions. Sue me.  You know it occurs to me that  I should have asked that very same question of my ex wife!

From Seed magazine: Who is today’s scientist?  Certainly not the wild haired Einstein or mad Dr Frankenstein from the old black and white films looking type.  Perhaps not more than a stones throw away from a Bill Gates type?”Old man, how is it that you hear these things?”
“Young man, how is it that you do not?”  – Love it!

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